//I can not enjoy how cute Thomas looks in The Maze Runner because he reminds me way too much of Ale with his hair is matted down. I just, ughh! I can’t, it feels weird! But he’s adorable and it looks great on him, but..aaahhh! Please tell me it changes a bit so I don’t feel so weird.

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//wip cos I know I’m not going to finish this tonight

I have thousands of unfinished drawings and practically none of them are colored

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Send a ♚. Your character falls asleep on mine, I’ll reply with what mine does.

Mikey was dozing off, an all night movie marathon didn’t look very possible now. When he felt the weight on his shoulders he knew it had to be Don. However he didn’t expect Don to lightly snore next to his ear. Don had fallen asleep, his head resting on top of Mikey’s and the rest of Don’s body slumping next to him. A wholehearted smile, Mikey wrapped Donatello’s arm around him as he made himself comfortable in the nook and resting his head on the shoulder. Mikey rested his eyes and lazily listened to the sounds of the movie still playing and Don’s breathing. Relaxing.

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Delicious 肉まん :3

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"You’re in luck! Antonio’s is right around the corner! I’m gotta get you the greatest slice of pizza you’ll ever have!"



"Alright…but I have to ask you this. What is pizza?"


"You don’t know about pizza—the most amazing, awesomest, mouth watering, to good to live without, food in the universe!? We need to get you a pie pronto and ASAP, like right now!"

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David Guetta
She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) [feat. Sia]
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She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) by David Guetta ft. Sia

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Leo smiles while he leans in again to press his lips against Mikey’s

"Mph!" Mikey was taken aback. He was busy with his own thoughts before he even knew what was going on. He didn’t know what to do. He sat there, blushing like mad, while he let Leo finish. 

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One Minute
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Krewella - One Minute

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Play Hard (Explicit Version)
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<3 <3 <3 VICIADO

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//I’m sorry, but I don’t RP with personals. I get confused about who the muse is.


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